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What's a promising area that you are investing in for the future?

What's an area that you think you should invest in for the future?


For example, I remember I created an account on Twitter when a majority of developers weren't there yet. I even remember other folks from the team laugh that I created an account on Twitter and look where it is today.

Mobile Apps

Another example could be mobile applications back in 2010. I was lucky enough to see the trend and get rooted in native mobile development and then started learning web apps and cross-platform apps for mobile.

Live Streaming

Recently, I feel that live streaming coding is a way of the future and just like Twitter was "back in the day" there is only a tiny fraction of developers on there.


I'm also under the belief that Instagram could be a Twitter replacement as my current Instagram feed is a majority of developers sharing short notes, tips as they do on Twitter.

What do you think?

So what do you think? Note that this also doesn't have to relate to a programming career, as it could be a financial strategy (such as stocks, bonds, etc).

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Timothy McGrath

Our industry moves so fast that it is impossible to keep up with anything. I don't try to learn every new language and frameworkm I focus on .NET, because that is my day job, but I try to always improve in more general programming and architecture concepts too. So, things that would be useful even in a non .NET position. I believe that as long as I maintain a strong and current foundation switching languages and frameworks should be doable.

I love DevOps and that is something that is necessary for any development job, so I believe it is something worth investing in. Bringing good DevOps practices to a job can make a big impact.

And then outside of my career stuff, I try to improve my investing skills. I work for a company that automates trading for individual investors, so it is a great opportunity to learn and it is a great skill to have because turning your existing money into more money can be an excellent additional income stream.

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Michael Crump

Very good points.

I've also started to invest more in DevOps and learn some of the lingo/toolings/process to help me with other projects.

+1 to investing skills - I've focused more on learning how to save and started several small (low-risk) investments.

Anyone else?

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Patryk • Edited

PWAs (and IndexedDb). Not so much invest as in money, but time to learn, at least.

I think offline data access will be very important for the next few years.

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Michael Crump

I’m starting to see more and more companies thinking about offline data access. Especially in the IoT space.