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M. Brian Dunson
M. Brian Dunson

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Help me understand this code, please

I'm working through 'Eloquent Javascript' ( and I'm not grasping how this works.

function multiplier(factor) {
  return number => number * factor;
let twice = multiplier(2);
// → 10
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I guess where I'm getting lost is how does this line worK:
let twice = multiplier(2)

In trying to understand, I did some other console.log commands to see what they would return:

// → x => x * factor
// → x => x * factor
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Can someone help me get over this mental block that I'm having? How does 'twice' have a parameter? Is 'twice' a reference to the multiplier function?

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David Pereira • Edited

twice has a parameter because it's a function. The reason it's a function is because the multiplier function returns a function (on that code snippet you use the lamdba function syntax). In JS this is possible because functions are first-class citizens.
Also, twice is not a reference to the multiplier function. You create a new function when you return, so it's a reference to a new function. Every time you call multiplier, you create a new function.
Hope that helped ☺

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M. Brian Dunson

Ok, so what I was missing is:
return x => x * factor;

is the same as:
return function(x) { return x * factor; };

Thank you for your excellent explanation!