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I am publicly committing to the #100DaysOfCode!

Aspiring web dev and passionate Vue developer.
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April 5, 2020: I am committing to the #100DaysOfCode challenge!

My reason for taking part in this challenge is to sharpen my skills in tech that I know and love.

  • I want to create flow between the day-to-day and build momentum towards making coding a habit outside of work.
  • I want to use this time to develop my portfolio and showcase my work.


For the challenge, I want to see a project from start to finish. I will build a mobile app using Vue and Quasar to solidify my skills as a Vue developer while also learning a new framework at the same time.

  • The app I will work on would be Budgetier, an expense tracking app.
  • I will track the time I spend on the challenge.
  • I will use Notion as my project management tool.


By the end of the challenge:

  • I will have finished Budgetier and deployed it to the Play Store.
  • I will not have skipped a day.
  • I will have a portfolio up.
  • I will work on the challenge without compromising my health and relationships!

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Aaron Stone

Sounds awesome Miguel, good luck and have fun!

bywaleed profile image

Good luck !!