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Matt Curcio
Matt Curcio

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Day 3: Designing My Own Jekyll Site

Greetings all,
I have used Jekyll and Hugo for a while now. I spent the most of this weekend trying to decide which site theme I would use.

What a drag... lol

Would Hugo be easier than Jekyll?
Did this theme

have more features I wanted.

  • As I looked, I felt none had it all. Therefore, I have decided to design my own site.

  • I will be starting fresh with a bare-bones "minima" theme and go from there.

  • Watch my progress:

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Waylon Walker

Don't let all the setup hold you up from the real goal here, making great content, and sharing at the moment of inspiration.

Just make sure that the format you are writing in will stand the test of time, and will work on other frameworks. You have done well by choosing markdown with good frontmatter.

Ive gone from pelican to gatsby to building my own framework, and the content has stood up to each of them pretty well.

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Matt Curcio • Edited

Thanks for that reminder. ;)

  • Eye on the prize.

PS How did you like Pelican?

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Waylon Walker

At the time I was looking for something to just work, and it was not quite doing what I wanted it to. I don't think I gave it enough justice to really understand it well. I have no doubt that you could build amazing sites wtih pelican.