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Matt Curcio
Matt Curcio

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Day 1: 100 Days of Data Science

Starting Today

I am launching my own 100 days of Data Science. I love statistics and playing with numbers and after 15 years as a Biochemist in Biotechnology, I want to learn ALL about Data Science. ;)

When I worked in one lab, we had a can-do saying I try to emulate.

See one, Do one, then Teach one.

I'm interested in finding a group of "Scientists" who are willing to Learn, Practice, and Teach what they have learned.

I will be working with the software R-cran, RStudio, Anaconda-Python, Ipython Notebooks, SQL and even dabbling with the Julia. I have been using VS Code for Markdown editing, and I am looking forward to using it with Python.

To start, I have several personal resources that I want to share.

  1. D.S. Learning Resource
  2. Getting Started with Anaconda Python

Join me,


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Waylon Walker

Good luck, sounds like a fantastic way to learn and teach!

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Matt Curcio

Thanks, I appreciate it