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AutoDL celebrates Hacktoberfest 2021

At last it's "that time" of the year again! The month of October is right around the corner, and surely you might've already guessed it... 👀

The much awaited Hacktoberfest is back for the year 2021!

What's more, AutoDL is geared up for participants to contribute as well!

Now if you're unaware, Hacktoberfest is DigitalOcean's month-long celebration of Open-Source software and communities.

Code Newbies and Open-Source Connoisseurs alike are all welcome to take up Issues on AutoDL's GitHub repositories and submit a valid Pull Request (abiding by the quality standards) pertaining to close open issues on GitHub.

P.s. Look for issues with the hacktoberfest label on it. 😉

Make 4 valid PRs throughout the month to stand a chance to be rewarded with a commemorative t-shirt pack as official swag from DigitalOcean! Additionally, AutoDL would be distributing swags for top contributors in its repositories too! 🤩

Do make sure to read the Contributing guidelines and the Code of Conduct to gain an insight on how to contribute!

If you feel stuck, need any help, or you need to tackle a different issue not addressed on GitHub entirely, feel free to discuss on AutoDL's Slack Workspace. ✨

P.s. There's a separate channel for hacktoberfest as well 😊

Now, as tantalizing (or lucrative) the perks may sound, remember that as mentioned on the official website of Hacktoberfest -

Quantity is fun, quality is key

Quality pull requests showcase you as a responsible member of the Open-Source community! Do utilize this exciting opportunity to contribute, be it your first pull request or your bazillianth one! ✌️

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