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Best Pens and Projects on CodePen (#1)

Hi everyone...

If you are a web developer or front-end developer, you have certainly heard about Codepen, which is one of the most famous websites that specialized in editing and testing HTML, CSS, and Javascript codes and projects online.
Which contains a huge and distinctive content of codes, templates, ready-made projects for front-ends, and various web elements.

So in my blog on, I'll share with you the top and best pens and Projects on CodePen in a series of articles, the first part of which will start from this article, which will include amazing codes and pens that will greatly and amazingly help you in developing your web projects and your websites. And everyone working in the field of web development and programming.

Note: All ownership and reuse rights are reserved for their respective owners.

Let's start .. -->

Top Pens and Projects on CodePen (Part 1)

responsive <!-- No Div --> car

Animated Continuous Sections with GSAP Observer

Project Management Dashboard UI

Stranger Things Intro

Confetti Button

SVG Text Outline Animation - GSAP

Expanding flex cards

Scroll Rocket

Rocket Logo -- Loading Animation

An amazing animated icon in CSS

Foolishly Responsive Accordion

A beautiful Foolishly Responsive Accordion style.

MorphSVGPlugin from GreenSock

Card Slider

Full-Screen Vertical Scroll Snap

Layered pinning - ScrollTrigger

Periodic Table of the Elements

Last words

This was the first part of Top Pens and Projects on CodePen presented by md3bm, which will be followed by other parts that will include Pens codes and awesome and distinctive ready-made projects for inspiration and to be used in developing your web projects and websites.

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Love the scroll rocket! Great collection