Save the Internet neutrality

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Do you remember times before the Internet? Do you remember how difficult it was to find information back then? Did you have a chance to publish your writing before the Internet? Do you need the Internet for your daily work?

You have probably answered at least to some of the above questions, it means the Internet matters for you.
There is an FCC proposal which puts the remaining freedom and equality of the internet in danger. The proposal would allow to create the Internet for the rich and for the poor, with limited content.

If the Internet matters to you Act now!

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Hell yeah. If you want to easily contact your congressmen about this or anything else, I recommend this bot, which is super useful and low-barrier. It can sometimes feel like you're a water in the bucket in these regards, but if you're not sure what simple thing to do, start with a simple message via the bot.


I'm not from the US but I can see how important it is to protect internet neutrality everywhere in order to stop the idea itself. I hope you guys get through this issue successfully, for the sake of everyone.

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