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How you manage your time when you work remote?

So now the whole world is busy on corona virus (covid-19) and most of the devs are working from home (qurantine).

We as freelancers could have amazing experience that should share to the community and help each other to keep procrstinating in a correct life-style.

*My 5 important tips about remote work *

  1. Plan your time daily before you go to bed.
  2. List your priorities from year to weeks and days.
  3. Communicate with your teammates on specific time, do not let them disturb you by over contacting!
  4. Seperate your work environment and rest place, try to dress differently when you start to work (makes you so productive)
  5. Get some rest during work hours, the best way is to work for 45 mintues and then take a quick rest (do sth else) for 5 to 15 minutes.

So what are your tips for the best productivity guys?

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Austin S. Hemmelgarn

I'd add to that list the following:

  • Stay in communication with your team on a regular basis. Schedule this of course, but at least take the time on a roughly daily basis to do a short meeting to have everyone share their progress. This both helps keep the team ethos going, and it also helps to keep some people motivated.
  • Try to keep to a schedule. Especially make a point to try and keep your time 'at work' roughly the same as what it would normally be. It seems stupid, but the less you deviate from what would be a 'normal' schedule for you, the easier it is to stay focused and avoid burnout. The two biggest issues for people who are not used to working at home are avoiding distractions and knowing when to stop working, and this helps a lot with both.
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Mohammad Fazel

Great hints! Thank you

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Working 8AM to 5PM with 1 hour lunch time , That's it .. the rest are private time.
Keep ordinary schedule fixed and be productive in limited time.
Make Work-Life Balance.

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Mohammad Fazel

Well, you are right but sometimes it does not work as we are working remote and have no communication with people, it could be disgusting to do the same as we did at work.

It's all about correct planning and getting things done on time.