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Did anyone integrated OneSignal in React Native/Expo?

meatboy profile image Meat Boy ・1 min read

I am looking for help (tutorials or tips) with integrating OneSignal notifications with React Native on Expo platform. I know OneSignal has tutorial but it seems it's outdated and I am not good enough in XCode to configure this :/

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George Deglin

Hi. The OneSignal guide should be fully up to date (I work at OneSignal). Could you contact our support team if you ran into a particular issue?

We also recently published this tutorial on the Expo blog itself about how to set up OneSignal with Expo

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Meat Boy Author

Hi George, thanks for your reply. I sent messages on your chat. I have problem with running example project from
When I am running on Xcode I am getting

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/Users/user/react-native-onesignal/examples/RNOneSignal/ios/Pods/Target Support Files/Pods-RNOneSignal/Pods-RNOneSignal.debug.xcconfig: unable to open file (in target "RNOneSignal" in project "RNOneSignal")

error and build is stopped.

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Meat Boy Author

Ok, after few attempts I already connected OneSignal to the app :) I love how easy is to use it now :P

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Renan Serrão Nogueira

I have already integrated OneSignal in 2 applications in the company I work for, I can try to help you!