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Ahmed Said-ahmed
Ahmed Said-ahmed

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Bash scripting fundamentals: shell file walkthrough

Previously, we talked about 8 basic bash commands and then saw how to use them in a more complex ways. Today, we will learn how to execute bulk of these commands by adding them inside a shell file.

Shell scripting is not just good for multiple commands grouping, it also can help you control the flow based on some input from user. You can pretty much build a program with it.

We will discuss how to create a file, the structure of a shell file and create a file duplicator program, then finally learn how to execute it like any other Linux command.

What's next?
Learn about bash command arguments and user input

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Bobby Iliev

Great video! 🙌

You should check out this Open-Source Introduction to Bash Scripting Ebook on GitHub as well!:

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Ahmed Said-ahmed

Seems like a very good book. Downloaded!
Thank you for sharing :)