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Medusa 1.5.0: PriceList Import, Medusa Hackathon, and more!

Time for another exciting release of Medusa!

Version 1.5 introduces a new price list import strategy both in the Medusa APIs and the Medusa Admin.

In addition, we have made some changes in our documentation and announced a Medusa Hackathon.

Keep reading below to learn more about all the new changes in this release and what upcoming features you can expect from Medusa!

How to Update Medusa?

Medusa Server

You can update your Medusa server using the following command:

npm install @medusajs/medusa@latest @medusajs/medusa-cli@latest medusa-interfaces@latest
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Medusa Admin

You can also update the Medusa Admin by pulling changes from the GitHub repository.

PriceList Import

You can now import prices into a price list using both the admin API endpoints and the Medusa Admin. The prices must be in a CSV file with each row the price to add to the price list.

The prices import can be done after a price list has been created. If there are existing prices in the list, they will be replaced with the prices imported in the CSV file.

Since the CSV file needs to be imported to the server, a storage plugin is required to be set up on your server. You can check out our documentation on how to integrate MinIO, S3, or Spaces.

The price list import strategy is implemented as a batch job strategy. So, using the batch jobs admin APIs you can import prices into a price list.

We have added a step-by-step guide in our documentation that explains how to use these admin APIs to import prices into a Price List.

Additionally, we have added the necessary UI in the admin panel to allow importing prices into a price list. You can do that by following these steps:

  1. Go to a price list’s details page.
  2. On the Prices section, click on the three dots icon then choose Import Prices.
  3. Choose the CSV file you want to import. You can also download a template file.
  4. Click on the Import List button.

Screen Shot 2022-10-03 at 3.50.30 PM.png

Additional Fixes and Changes

  • Added AWS S3 export support.
  • Significantly improved performance on all cart endpoints.

Documentation Changes

We have introduced new documentation pages to cover more of Medusa’s core functionalities. Some of these pages are:

Upcoming Features

*Tax-Inclusive Pricing*

In the case where countries might share the same currency but use different tax rates, merchants had to calculate the prices without the tax rate manually to show the same price across all countries using the same currency on the storefront.

This new feature allows merchants to enter a price including taxes, and Medusa handles calculating the tax amount applied based on the tax rate. It would save a lot of manual work that merchants have to do.

Order Editing

After an order is placed, customers might want to change their order to add, remove, or edit an existing item. Merchants might also find that they can’t fulfill a certain item and would need to offer an alternative to the customer.

This upcoming feature will allow merchants to request an edit to a customer’s order and automatically handle any additional payment or refund based on the change.

2 Weeks Left of the Medusa Hackathon

2w left.png

Join in on the Medusa Hackathon which we kicked off at the beginning of October. Below a recap of the prizes:

  • all participants: exclusive Medusa Hackathon hoodie and tee; personal certificate of completion; other cool Medusa merch goodies
  • category winners: $300 + golden Medusa tee & hoodie
  • overall winner: $1,500 + ****golden Medusa tee & hoodie

You can learn how to participate here. If you also need ideas to participate, check out this post.

Our Survey on The State of Open Source Ecommerce is LIVE!

What are the most important factors when choosing your next ecommerce platform? And where in the tech stack is customization most beneficial?

Medusa is researching the use of different ecommerce applications as part of preparing a report on this topic, and we need your input on these (and a few more) questions!

Why you should participate...

  • Win Medusa merch
  • Early access to the results
  • Get your company logo on the report
  • Take part in an important community effort

It only takes ±6 min. to help shape how the industry understands the use of open source ecommerce! Your responses will be anonymous. Sign up now!

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Should you have any issues or questions related to Medusa, then feel free to reach out to the Medusa team via Discord.

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