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Megan Speir
Megan Speir

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What do folks use for programming window management?

I'm looking for a window management solution and curious what you're using. Any suggestions?

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Mikk Pristavka

I found a trick that might be useful:

Other than this, I also use Spectacle and BetterTouchTool for some global shortcuts and trackpad gestures.

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I used Explorer2 on Windows from time to time, but was never a "solution" for me. I would recommend MultiCommander.

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Dopus, hands down. It's like having superpowers.

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Valentin Baca

What OS?

for macOS: Spectacle and HyperSwitch are must-haves

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Megan Speir Author • Edited on

Mac, yes 🙌. And another vote for Spectacle via

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