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Your opinion about an idea of a platform for mentors and junior developers

Hello, folks!
I am a professional software developer that has a dream of building his own project, that will bring value to people. Some time ago my friend and I got a idea of a project, that connects junior developers, mentors, and people who may have an idea of an awesome non-profit project, but don't have any resources to implement it.

Following the best traditions of "startup from engineers" we immediately started to write the code, without any market research. At the moment we have a kind of prototype, that is available in opensource. And finally I decided to ask people, what do they think about the concept of our project?

What do we offer people:

For junior developers, we offer code reviews, an experience of team collaboration and work on real-world projects.

For mentors we offer an experience in mentoring, leading the team and product, ability to grow and hire the best performing teammates for your company.

For anyone with an idea of a valuable project we offer development teams staffed with junior developers and mentors, that can implement your idea for free.

The only limitation is that all projects should be open-sourced, until the author gets some money and is ready to give some donation to the platform. Those donations will cover our project's full-time team members salaries and will be also spread between mentors, as an additional encourage.

I'm really interested what do you think about such idea? Would you like to join this project in any role?

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Joe Beretta

Hey! I'm excited! It's very good idea I think. And as a junior web developer I want to contribute for it. And by the way about market researches: I have basics of marketing knowledges. Message me if you need in contributors

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Stanislav Mekhonoshin

Whoever is interested can observe what we do at
and you can join our slack after the registration at