Sparrow plugin to search / check resources in Azure resource group

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Ever thought how to check if some resources exists in Azure resource group? This tasks is very common for those who deal with an Azure infrastructure automation.

Here is azure-resource-group plugin for the rescue:

Load resource list

# list all databases in RG_001102:

my %state = task-run "get resources list", "azure-resource-list", %(
  group     => "RG_001102"
  pattern  => "'servers/databases'"

for %state<list> -> $d {
  say $d.perl;

Validate if specific resources exist in a resource group

# Check if there is any storage account in RG_001102:

task-run "get resources list", "azure-resource-list", %(
  group     => "RG_001102"
  list => (

That is it. See updates on Sparrowhub.io

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