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Medam Mahesh
Medam Mahesh

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AwesomeCSS #1 | Apply Image Filters Just Using CSS

This was something awesome that I had stumbled upon last week.

I am not much of a social butterfly but I do know that there is always a lot of buzz about filters going on in the social media. Coincidentally, the technique of this also revolves around a CSS property called filter.

Incase you are interested in watching video :

Interesting Finds

CSS filter property

The filter property defines visual effects (like blur and saturation) to an element (often ).
~ W3 Schools Link

CSS mix-blend-mode property

The mix-blend-mode property specifies how an element's content should blend with its direct parent background.
~ W3 Schools Link

Checkout the Codepen :

Thanks for reading till the end,

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Medam Mahesh Author

Hello Fellow Dev,

I am very much interested in hearing your thoughts and adventures with CSS. Take a minute to share them with me.

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