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Hacktoberfest Recap

It's bizarre to think that we're already past the month of October - wrapping up what has been my first Hacktoberfest experience. I'm happy to have made a total of five contributions to four different projects:

  1. github-readme-streak-stats
    A tool used to create Github user stats. It was my first time looking at PHP and the issue was fixing the error message generated to be of type JSON.
    Blog Post - Issue - PR

  2. mehrzahl
    A nice little NPM module I found that allows to format parts of a template string in singular or plural. I added a brand new functionality with the reverse function mz and included tests for it.
    Blog Post - Issue - PR

  3. bedrock
    In this contribution I managed to fix a CSS bug for the website It turned out to be a small fix but I learned a lot by exploring this repo.
    Blog Post - Issue - PR

  4. telescope
    I made two contributions to telescope. In the first one I replaced the old and unnecessary valid-url module with the native URL() function.
    Issue - PR
    In the second one, I created a new way to display all of the Github repos, issues and pull requests from a blog post. This was my biggest contribution so far and a good way to end Hacktoberfest!
    Blog Post - Issue - PR

I've learned a lot during this month. I worked with various languages and frameworks such as PHP, Typescript, CSS and React; I ran into and found solutions to installation problems; I became a lot more comfortable using git; and finally I learned to be more confident in participating in open source projects. In all, it was a great experience and I will definitely continue contributing to more open source projects going forward.

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