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React cant reach current state
hello i have a problem
I created a useState called [users, setusers]
and in useeffect, I have assigned a delete function for each user.
this delete function needs to reach users state

But the problem starts here. When I want to reach users through the delete function,
I get the initial state of the state, (the state at the time I created the first user object)

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You can get the latest value by passing a function to setUsers and it will be passed the current value as a parameter. See

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can you look at this,
what is the reason of this

  1. row console.log(users) getting empty array
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Justin • Edited

Because of a stale closure, following the rules of Javascript closures and scope.

Here's what you want:

  const delet = (id) => {
    setUsers((currentUsers) => {
      return currentUsers.filter((i) => !== id);
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