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Elon Musk's new company

Neuralink is an American neurotechnology company founded by Elon Musk and eight others. Is this a possible 'neural lace' company?

This company was only registered as a medical research company. But we know that Elon Musk's new goal is to create a wireless interface between human brain and computers.

Neural lace is a technology that will intertwine human brain and computers. They will implant a device in your brain to interact with computers. This can help to improve human memory and merge human brains with software and devices. You can also download your thoughts and upload new data into your brain.

But is it okay to connect your brain with computers? There are still a lot of hackers out there. They can get/copy all your thoughts or viruses to your brain.

This is a great technology for artificial intelligence and is a great help for medical purposes. But too dangerous for our brains to interact with computers. We'll just see in the future on how great this technology will bwcome.

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Daniel Nielson

I'm both excited and terrified at the idea. On the one hand, you could just 'remember' stuff you'd never learned before. Also, the human brain, while great with relational information, is pretty terrible at storing structured data. You can't just dump a table of info into your brain and remember it all. This could help with that as well as calculation and problem mapping. Programming language verbs, syntax, and eccentricities could just be pulled straight from a database. Need to speak French at your next meeting, just download the language reference straight into your head.

On the other hand, you could totally end up with something like 'The Link' from Stargate, where facts are just changed and no-one knows any different because they're all hooked up to the same database.

As for direct hacking, I know it's scary to think of someone just hacking your brain and controlling you, but that's not very practical. Also, people can already sort-of do that. Ever see the one where the guy goes around paying for stuff with blank pieces of paper? Ever have someone just talk you into doing something you really don't want to do? We're already susceptible to suggestions and social manipulation. Heck, these days social engineering attacks are everywhere. They're even, often, the easiest point of entry into an organization or system.

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If this will be implemented in the future, I think too many people will use it without thinking its cons. Because this is really a great technology.

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Me, myself, and Irenne

The more I here about Elon, the more I really don't like him. He is worried about AI but thinks ok to put a chip in someones head. Be great for dementia, Parkinson's stuff like that, but that doesn't make money as most people that suffer these problems are at the end of their working life curing them with reprogramming won't be seen as profitable or will be too expensive for the average person. The real money will be in stupid stuff like increasing reaction time of soldiers and stuff like that which makes me wonder why the AI hater is doing it