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Michael Messerli
Michael Messerli

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Get early app feedback on 🔥Roast my App

We spend weeks and months building projects we're excited about but start developing tunnel vision. That's when it's great to get an outside perspective. We think:

  • Of course this feature make sense
  • This is plenty clear; You click here then this happens

Why build this?

I started building Roast my App this past weekend when I accidentally stumbled on the domain ( while looking for something else, but I couldn't let it sit 😅. I dropped everything and started working on this.

I'm working on another SaaS product and I know how hard it is to find beta testers and feedback. You also don't want to spam places like,, etc every time you make adjustments.

Isn't this just a crappy Product Hunt?

A Product Hunt launch can be stressful and important, so this is a great place to get early feedback before you launch.

Technical Stuff

Read on if you care about the tech stack. Otherwise, skip it and submit your app to be roasted!

This app was a ton of fun to build. The main stack is (TALL):

  • Laravel
  • Laravel Livewire
  • Alpine.JS
  • TailwindCSS

If you have any questions about the stack or how certain things we built I'd love to answer any questions

So. Only thing left to do it 🔥 Roast my App (let me have it)

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