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GraphQL from Ground Up

I'm glad to announce my latest course GraphQL from Ground up is now available for early access! This is a practical course where you’ll learn GraphQL by building a fully-featured API for a forum completely scratch.

The course cover:

  • What's GraphQL and its improvements over REST
  • Understand GraphQL schema and type system
  • Understand GraphQL scalar types
  • Create custom scalar types
  • Understand resolvers
  • Integrate database with GraphQL
  • Understand how GraphQL operations such as query, mutation and subscription works
  • Handle file uploads in GraphQL
  • Authentication and authorization
  • Understand GraphQL directives
  • Create custom directives
  • Pagination
  • Query optimization with Dataloader
  • ... and much more

Take advantage of the early access price and get it for just $10.

👉 Get the course

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