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Muhammet Fatih Gul
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Will Serverless take over control? Should we worry about?

Serverless is a concept that providers taking care of servers. Thus clients don't have to worry about what's going on on backend.

*No need to reinvent backend technologies in every project. *

For example, you want to build a social media app. You should use backend technologies and create a server that runs your backend codes. You should create a database to collect datas. You should create an API to communicate with Frontend technologies. You should use analytics tools to analyze your website and so on.

To create a trustworthy websites and apps, you always have to debug your code, pay hackers to find vulnerabilities of your website. This is never gonna end. Because even the biggest companies in the world are hacked so many times. 1 semicolon could crash all of your application and could be hard to find it. If you're not a big company, you can't afford to lose time.


Serverless is inevitable. Everybody writing databases, everybody using storage, everybody wants to monitor their datas, everbody want to have login, logout functionalities. But do we really have to reinvent every one of them?

If you heard about Netlify, Vercel, Auth0, Firebase, you already know what serverless is.

One thing that I scared about serverless is make me nervous about the internet's future. If you're an old internet user, you remember when the personal blogs are still popular. But do you remember "when", personal blogs are not popular anymore?

Creating personal blogs are become easier and easier everyday. When the Wordpress and Blogspot became so popular and conquer internet, popular blogs are started to death. So, If you increase the convenience, it decreases the value.

Even now, there's so many competition out there between developers. If so many people learning a new language, you also have to learn it. Because the market wants it.

It's not serverless, it's someone else's computer

As i said before, providers taking care of server jobs and frontend developers can just focus on their designing. They just have to communicate with backend and everything will be okay. Communicating with providers is not that much hard anyway.

I don't know if we worry about right now. Let me know in the comments section if you have any thoughts about this.

I'm going to share the best services that i found in the internet next time. It'll be about cloud providing, functions, authentications, forms, e-commerce and so on.

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