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Micah Lindley
Micah Lindley

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I built a YouTube Music clone

I’ve recently discovered YouTube Music, and it’s currently my favorite audio streaming service. I used it for a while, and then thought it would be cool to be able to upload my own music to the player. Since that’s not an option (and because I’m a nerdy developer), I decided to build my own version of YouTube Music that I could host my own songs on. It uses responsive CSS and HTML to provide a sleek desktop music experience. Currently it doesn’t actually play the music; I’m working on that. However, feel free to check out the interface (the songs are dummy songs; they don’t exist).

Once I complete the project, it’ll be moved to GitHub pages, so stay posted! The underlying technologies are:

  • Google Fonts
  • FontAwesome
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • JavaScript

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