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Whee! Issue 008 - A weekly newsletter highlighting the funnest web development resources around

Happy Wednesday!

I hope you're having a great week so far!

We're 8 issues into Whee! and it's been so much fun to share the funnest web development resources around the Internet. I hope you've found these issues valuable.

To better serve you and the rest of the community, I'd love to know what sort of resources you'd like to see more of in Whee!. It would be super, duper helpful if you responded with a comment below and let me know one topic of interest that you have regarding web development. That way I can keep my eyes peeled to share resources around that topic.

Here's the funnest resources I've found since we last saw each other.


Fun reads πŸ€“

don’t get clever with login forms by @brad_frost
In this article Brad shares some very good do's and don'ts when creating login forms. I've felt the pain in one of the login examples Brad shares in his article of what not to do and I can agree it was not elegant.

When to Use <strong>, <b>, <em>, and <i> Tags in Your Markup by @zac_heisey
I thought Zac did an excellent job distilling when to use the different HTML tags in your markup. I know I've definitely used them interchangeably without full understanding why I was using it in the context of the markup.

Run your Node.js application on a headless Raspberry Pi by @bogdaaamn
I've got a Raspberry Pi 3 and I've tried running Node apps before on it. I failed, but Bogdan has created this excellent resource on how to go about setting up and running Node apps on your Raspberry Pi 3.

Neato πŸ™Œ

Windows 95 built using React and Hooks by @1000hz
I remember the days of using Windows 95 on an old IBM machine my dad had at home. This definitely stir up some nostalgia.

Can't Unsee
I'm not sure who made this, but it's a neat browser based game that compares two different UIs that are slightly different and the user chooses which one is the right one.

Not paid by @kleampa
Are you a consultant or a freelancer? Ever deal with a client that just wouldn't pay on time? Ciprian has created quite an excellent solution on how you might able to get your clients to pay up.

key:values by @lynnetye
I'm actually surprised I haven't shared key:values in Whee! I've been following Lynne's work for some time and I think it is soooooo good if you're a dev looking for your next position. At some point in your career, you might not be wooed by the product a company is building or even their tech stack. But you'd like to join a company that has values that align with yours. This is where key:values comes in. Find companies that have values that you think are important.

Tweets 🦜

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@siwalikm Mind blown on what Rolex achieved here tweet

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