Demystifying vim

Mike on August 10, 2018

Before I start, just remember, when in doubt just don't close vim and you'll live. Exiting Vim It's easier said than done for some, t... [Read Full]
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Hum, r does not redo last undone change. I believe you meant Ctrl-R or :redo (r in normal mode would allow you to replace the char under the cursor with the char you'll type).


If you're in a linux environment, try running the command:


In your terminal. If you're like me you'll become a vim convert


In your example of fixing indentation you're missing the <F7> bit. Use backticks to escape code.

Actually I hate to say it, but this tutorial is wrong in the undo section too. Use u to undo in the general case, not U. Capital U undoes a single line, and basically works in a different way (and it'll not be obvious to new users how it's working).


Fix the indentation:

  • gg=G for whole file
  • =G from actual row to end of file
  • == actual line

This needs to go to my vim cheatsheet. Is there a part 2? How can I copy and paste a section of text?


v Will get you in visual mode. You can highlight the section you want, then yank (copy) with y. To paste, use p. You don't need to visually select to copy/paste. You could yank the word yw, or yank to the end of the line y$ , or yank the entire line yy


V will get you in select mode. It's little diferent from visual mode, but commands are similar.

V is visual line mode, not select mode. It's the same as visual mode but it's line oriented, so you're cutting or pasting entire lines and not characters.

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