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Demystifying vim

Before I start, just remember, when in doubt just don't close vim and you'll live.

Exiting Vim

It's easier said than done for some, there's countless articles asking for help, here's a shortcut:

Intent: Write and Quit

If you intend to write and quit (save changes, exit), you should follow this key bindings:

  2. :
  3. wq
  4. ENTER

Intent: Write, but don't quit

If you intend to write and don't quit, simply run:

  2. :
  3. w
  4. ENTER

Editing content

You can either use the i key, or hit insert to write content in vim. If you hit r or double hit insert, it will open the replace mode.

Undo, anyone?

In order to undo, make sure you're not in write mode (hit escape), and hit the U key until satisfied.

Can I redo it?

Yep, r until satisfied.

How the heck can I fix the indentation?

A little opinionated, but if you run this command then hit F7, it'll format your code in an opinionated way:

  2. :map mzgg=G`z
  3. ENTER
  4. [KEY:F7]

That's all for now!

This should get you by using vim in it's most basic format!

Discussion (11)

pabuisson profile image
Pierre-Adrien Buisson

Hum, r does not redo last undone change. I believe you meant Ctrl-R or :redo (r in normal mode would allow you to replace the char under the cursor with the char you'll type).

michaelgv profile image
Mike Author

My mistake, I’ve got my keybindings setup for r as redo!

delbetu profile image
M Bellucci

good mapping suggestion!

pcvonz profile image

If you're in a linux environment, try running the command:


In your terminal. If you're like me you'll become a vim convert

moopet profile image
Ben Sinclair • Edited on

In your example of fixing indentation you're missing the <F7> bit. Use backticks to escape code.

Actually I hate to say it, but this tutorial is wrong in the undo section too. Use u to undo in the general case, not U. Capital U undoes a single line, and basically works in a different way (and it'll not be obvious to new users how it's working).

vlasales profile image
Vlastimil Pospichal • Edited on

Fix the indentation:

  • gg=G for whole file
  • =G from actual row to end of file
  • == actual line
rattanakchea profile image
Rattanak Chea

This needs to go to my vim cheatsheet. Is there a part 2? How can I copy and paste a section of text?

jerpint profile image

v Will get you in visual mode. You can highlight the section you want, then yank (copy) with y. To paste, use p. You don't need to visually select to copy/paste. You could yank the word yw, or yank to the end of the line y$ , or yank the entire line yy

vlasales profile image
Vlastimil Pospichal

V will get you in select mode. It's little diferent from visual mode, but commands are similar.

Thread Thread
tbodt profile image

V is visual line mode, not select mode. It's the same as visual mode but it's line oriented, so you're cutting or pasting entire lines and not characters.

thomasjunkos profile image
Thomas Junkツ

And then, there is :x