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Rust Announces Plans to Form a Foundation

Michael Tharrington (he/him)
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From the Rust Blog:

The Rust project was originally conceived in 2010 (depending on how you count, you might even say 2006!) as a Mozilla Research project, but the long term goal has always been to establish Rust as a self-sustaining project. In 2015, with the launch of Rust 1.0, Rust established its project direction and governance independent of the Mozilla organization. Since then, Rust has been operating as an autonomous organization, with Mozilla being a prominent and consistent financial and legal sponsor.

Mozilla was, and continues to be, excited by the opportunity for the Rust language to be widely used, and supported, by many companies throughout the industry. Today, many companies, both large and small, are using Rust in more diverse and more significant ways, from Amazon’s Firecracker, to Fastly’s Lucet, to critical services that power Discord, Cloudflare, Figma, 1Password, and many, many more...

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Matthew Piercey • Edited

This is definitely a good move, IMO. Like the OpenJS Foundation, having a Rust Foundation would mean that the language itself and any off-shoots or side-projects associated with it would have a single banner under which they could operate and co-exist.