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Angular 13

Angular did it again, on May 12, 2021, the newest major version of Angular arrived a stable Angular v12.0.00. I see a trend here 11/11 Angular launched v11, 5/12 Angular launched v12, what month will Angular 13 launch? X/13?
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The Angular v12 major release is getting closer to “Ivy Everywhere”. The newest version enables the transition of the Angular ecosystem to the Ivy compiler. Among other improvements, the upgrade deprecates the legacy View Engine compilation and rendering pipeline in favor of the newer Ivy technology.

Angular v12 improvements include style, nullish coalescing allowing developers to write cleaner code in TypeScript and Angular templates, Webpack 5 support and TypeScript v4.2, and a stick model enabled by default to help catch errors earlier in the development cycle.

So what's next for Angular? What is the future of Angular?

Angular receives numerous feature requests both from Google and the Angular community, with constant review and evaluation build their roadmap to prioritize requests.

The future of Angular is bright, with new feature developments on the horizon:

Better Developer Ergonomics with Strict Typing

Implementing a stricter type of checking for reactive forms allows developers to catch more issues during development time.

Reduce Framework Overhead

Removing legacy View Engine for the smaller Angular conceptual overhead (lower maintenance cost, lower complexity of codebase, and a smaller package).

Improved Text Times and Debugging

Automatic test environment tear down improves test time and creates better isolation across tests. The goal is to change TestBed to automatically clean up and tear down the test environments after each test run.

Optional NgModulars

Optional NgModulars allow developers to develop standalone components and implement an alternative API to declare the component’s compilation scope.

Support Directives to Host Elements

Adding directives to host elements allows developers to augment their components with more behaviors without inheritance.

Angular Compiler as a PlugIn (tsc)

When making this a reality, the developers substantially improve build performance and reduce maintenance costs.

Ergonomic Component Level Code-Splitting APIs

Web Applications are known for their slow initial load time. Applying a more granular code-splitting component level is one way to improve the initial load time.

What's your favorite new feature you can't wait for? Are there features you wish were listed and aren't? Please share and let's talk about the future of Angular, and if we ruled the world what we would do to make it even brighter!

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siddharthshyniben profile image

Fun fact: Angular 11 was released on the 11th day of the 11th month. Angular 12 was released on the 12th day of... The 5th month

michelledev3 profile image

That cracks me up and glad you highlighted that--- I was so amazed I wrote about it in Nov 11/11 ;) so I guess 13 will launch on the 13th

siddharthshyniben profile image

Maybe, hope so

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michelledev3 profile image

Thanks Siddharth! Have a great day and keep me posted with any 'insider' intel ;)

stargator profile image
Stargator • Edited

One thing that hurts my development team, is the deprecation of IE11 in Angular 12 and then the removal of support for IE11 in Angular 13.

Why you might ask? Because a clients tend to be governments local, state, and federal that still have contracts with Microsoft to provide support for IE11. So starting with Angular 12, we will no longer be upgrading to future versions of Angular.

Though we are looking options to do polyfills, but we're not sure how stable that will be.

danielforwardcamp profile image

You know this right?

"The Internet Explorer 11 desktop application will go out of support for certain operating systems starting June 15, 2022. Customers are encouraged to move to Microsoft Edge with Internet Explorer (IE) mode"

I think your customers are forced to move to Edge (IE compatibility mode). So this should not be a problem.

michelledev3 profile image

This will probably impact others as well, perhaps they will delay or add an option but looking into the guides on Angular dated today 5/16/21
Deprecate and remove IE11 support
" IE11 has been preventing Angular from taking advantage of some of the modern features of the Web platform. As part of this project, we are going to deprecate and remove IE11 support to open the path for modern features that evergreen browsers provide. We ran an RFC to collect feedback from the community and decide on the next steps to move forward."

imakashrana profile image
Akash Chauhan

Angular has been gaining popularity lately as a powerful JavaScript framework. Can we consider angular for learning and businesses in 2023 ?