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Introduction: Hello World!

Hey babes! I made this blog thinking about how hard it really is to be a successful woman in technology. Starting out in tech is hard and to suffer from the social stigma and the gender inequality as well is simply maddening.
This blog won’t be exactly linear but I will try to make some roadmaps on how to navigate it in the easiest and most comfortable way. I hope this blog guides you in how to become ‘that girl’ that is simply on top of everything. I’m still in the way to become that girl myself and would love to share this journey with you. Let’s start!

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Dennis Tobar

Hello! welcome.

Nice to read your first post here. Tech, like most human interactions, is biased by the people. Therefore, we must open all the possible spaces to share, discuss, create, and innovate.

Please, share your thoughts, ideas, comments, or questions. Be bold, try to stay consistent in the time.

See you!