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The Magic Formula for Productivity

If you’re a designer or a developer for a consulting agency, you will know the pain of constantly context switching between projects, clients and admin. Work is being done, but amidst all the emails, Slack messages and Quip conversations it’s difficult to focus and be productive.

Our small web development agency felt this pain and decided to do something about it. As a team, we used Trello for organising and collaborating on all kinds of projects. But Trello didn’t provide a way for us to communicate with people outside of our team.

So we used a stand-alone helpdesk solution to receive and reply to client emails. This meant that team members were continuously context switching, making mistakes and wasting time and money. Why couldn’t we keep everything in Trello — a powerful tool we loved using?

Thus, SendBoard was born. 🎉

SendBoard Features

Our mission is to help teams get more done by allowing them to send, receive and collaborate on email without having to leave Trello — everything is in one place.

Teams get to leverage the power of Trello (Power-Ups, automation & collaboration) and clients get faster turn-around times. It’s a win-win 🏆

Since our team has been using SendBoard, our average response times have dropped substantially and the amount of work (cards in the Trello world) we get through has increased drastically.

So there is a magic formula for productivity, at least for small teams…

Trello + SendBoard

Give it a try and let us know how it works for you and your team! 🙌
On a related note, SendBoard went live on Product Hunt today, so please show us some love to help us spread the word. ❤️👍

Thanks for reading - have a super day!

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