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Learn programming using shorts ( 30 seconds read )

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Learning a programming concept or a language is always an effort where you need to find dedicated time and space. Shorts-based learning splits a particular subject in the form of simple topics explained in less than 30 seconds read content using rich text and media.

Microideation - Free shorts based programming content

Microideation is a free app that allows the creation and discovery of the shorts ( ideations) on various Computer science and programming concepts.

Start learning programming concepts as microideations. These are short reads of 30 seconds that explain a topic completely using rich text and images.

The app is currently in BETA. Please provide your valuable feedbacks. It is absolutely free of cost for the early access users ( No ads, no mandatory registration).

Download from playstore:​

You can do the following using the app

  • Follow preferred languages or concepts
  • Bookmark and favorite ideations for future reference
  • View linked ideations that are related concepts
  • View ideations series ( Ordered list of ideations that forms a concept )

The ideations are presented one at a time and can be moved to the next using simple swipe gestures.

The content is created by experts in the field and has provided the concise information required on the specific topic.

Currently, there are content on

  • Java
  • ReactJS
  • React native
  • Algorithms
  • Data structures
  • Application security etc.

If you are an expert in a field and would like to create ideations, you can register as an ideator and start ideating for free.

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