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#DevHack: Create SharePoint library with the Microsoft Graph

estruyf profile image Elio Struyf Originally published at on 惻1 min read

When you are reading this, you are looking to create a SharePoint library from the Microsoft Graph. It is straightforward but a bit confusing because you will have to use the lists endpoint. When you are a SharePoint developer, we all learned that a list is not the same as a library, and lists get created under the /lists/ URL path. Document libraries are not.

Info: Documentation to create a new list

When you want to create a new document library, you can perform the same call as mentioned in the create list documentation page instead of using the genericList template value. Use the documentLibrary value.

POST /sites/{site-id}/lists
Content-Type: application/json

  "displayName": "YourLibraryName",
  "list": {
    "template": "documentLibrary"
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Info: More information about all properties can be found here: JSON body representation.

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