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Fun Q&A bot for Microsoft Teams Node.js

Are you looking for a fun project for your next assignment 🗒?
Did you want to develop a chat bot 💻?

Then you'll like this little project I am sharing here with you, whether you want to deep dive into the details or not 😉.

Use case

  • I can use a BOT to put a question or a thought in the Microsoft Teams channel/group chat conversation.
  • My team mates can respond to the question with a form to put free text in.
  • I can check how many team mates responded in the same card with their responses, real time.

🚀🚀🚀 End result?


💻💻💻 Source
Check out the full source code here

📙📙📙 Read the article
If you wanna deep dive into how it is developed checkout my original blog post here 👉🏽

Top comments (2)

vegetapt profile image

Hi Rabia! Thanks for your bot! It helped me a lot building a bot that manages debates in Oxford style.
Do you think it possible to start this bot with a Teams task module (messaging extensions)? That's my next step, and, finally, transform it in a Meeting Sidepanel (meeting extension).
Thanks again!! :)

vegetapt profile image

I've got news! In the process of creating a messaging extension, things got messy with the override of the onInvokeActivity... the handleTeamsMessagingExtensionSubmitAction wasn't able of catching the actions. Now I don't know where to put all the thing that were in onInvokeActivity, or tranform it to beeing able to not mess with actions! Thanks once more

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