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Cheuk Ting Ho 🐍 for Mid Meet Py 🎙️

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Mid Meet Py - Ep.21 - Interview with Jesper Dramsc

Very important - Pyjamas CfP ends this Saturday!!!!
PyCon TaiWan (Maybe) the first non-online PyCon since COVID outbreak (5-6 Sep 2020)
At the same time - PyConline AU (4-6 Sept) you can join anywhere in the world
PyData Global tickets are now available!
You can get PyData Swag here
Bokeh 2.2 is out!

Mid Meet - Hall of Fame
Jesper Dramsc - ML engineer
Follow Jesper on Twitter
Skill share course here

PyPI highlights
Docker Compose (is a Python library!!!!)
Present - make your slides with a terminal window with flare

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