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MikaZuki Augus
MikaZuki Augus

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My Coding Journey so far...

Hi Mika here,
Also Known as Malcolm.

I have been working in the tech industry for the last 5 years. Starting off with a career in IT as a 1st Line software support engineer. I gradually worked my way up within my respective field, however as I began to gain a deeper knowledge of the tech industry and myself as a creative deep down. I always had the sense to merge my creative side with the tech side.

This is where I saw the potential of Developing and getting into coding as an avenue for me. I started embarking on my coding journey around the tail-end of 2019, and I was on-off studying and taking courses up to now.

Now I am doing coding full time and trying my best to become qualified. At the moment I have completed a few courses in Webdesign, java and javascript, While studying Python.

I am currently working on my portfolio site to get the ball on my Developing career rolling. Coding is definitely challenging but at the same time it feels rewarding to have something you built up from scratch realised before your very eyes.

This is definitely the source of reasons why this is keeping me here, and I cant wait to see what else I can create and develop.
I have so many ideas for projects that I want to create and work on. So as for now I am trying to do one project at a time. Starting with my partners own Graphic design website.

Please follow my journey and hopefully we can get better at coding together.

Good Day,
Mikazuki/ Malcolm.

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