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MikaZuki Augus
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Working on My Portfolio!

The Time has finally come!
I have Finally put in all the work to put together my Dev Portfolio.

This was a project I was not expecting to put in as much as effort and time as I did. At first thinking it was just a quick project that I could throw a few links in with my picture and an about me Section and Done! but nope... This one took quite a while indeed 😅

I was basing this on the previous tester Portfolio I created for my FreeCodeCamp project which you can have a peek at here:

That project was also not easy by any means but I had tutorials of a sort to follow. However in this case it was all me in this regard and thinking on my feet as I go. Ofcourse the same I have done for other projects in my Bootcamp. I can definitely say now it has been a rewarding experience to test all the skills I have learnt and to put it into a major(mini) project like this.

My main motivation for starting a portfolio halfway through my bootcamp is that its hard out here to get work. I will be real. and As well as doing Coding for the love and interest of learning I have real life bills to pay which wont wait for no-one! So with that being said I have to put myself out there and make ends meet.

One of the main ways this was ittereated over to me again and again was to create a portfolio with some basic projects you have worked on in the past to demonstrate your skill and capability. SO this is what I have done.

The main tools I have created for the site are HTML, CSS, a little bit of Javascript and the main Framework I have used is TailwindCSS. Some of the more challenging aspects have been getting my head around TailWindCSS and getting things to work, but hey when it comes to CSS this is how things always pan it isnt it?

In the end I was able to get around all the bugs and obstacles and get it done! Another challenging aspect was now getting the site published with a Custom Domain. I bought a domain last year in hopes to have my own site one day, and guess what... we are finally here! Getting the DNS records, A records, CNAME to get configured and working properly has been a challenge indeed.

However this is a learning experiene I will need to relish in so I can apply this to the future projects I will work on for businesses etc.

SO I hope you enjoyed my article this time round and take something from it. Please have a look at my portfolio and tell me what you think.. This is the first stages and I will be improving it continuously as I grow and adding better projects to it too.

Website here:
github repo:

Follow me on Twitter: @CodezMikazuki

Thanks for reading,

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