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JavaScript!!!! A students perspective.

If you've come across this post and are taking the time to read it thank you. It is my first post,feedback is encouraged and appreciated. That being said!!!!!!
Warning my writing skills are like my programming horrible lol. But since i'm "Attempting" to learn javaScript why not blogging too. 😉

As I sit back and think about the last 3 months learning to program var thoughts = "I think what a waste, I don't know anymore then I did when I started my classes". Then I think const thoughts = " Well even though this variable declaration maybe off, it's a hell of alot better then three months ago"

Enough trying to sound "dev" because right now I feel like I'm far from it, but i'm going to share my struggles and the very few suggestions I have in hopes that I can help at least one struggling programer and maybe myself in the process. As i've mentioned before I'm new to the dev community both in local scope and global. I'm currently attending full time classes learning the wonderful framework of React. Prior to school I had no idea about react. Sure I knew about javaScript, but honestly up until about 2 years ago I always thought javaScript was what 'hackers' used to steal your information and to load a virus onto your computer. Why else would 'IE' have props.script.allow === false as a default? I have a feeling that syntax maybe wrong but you get the point., Then I heard the dev team of facebook created React. Wow facebook is awesome I thought. It's super easy to use, very responsive and usually always available even when your internet connection is having issues. "React should be a breeze", I thought,"bring it on let's do some React". Day one came props, classes and components and at the end of dayone I deleted my facebook and thought "F$%^" facebook and there cocky "#@$" dev team. 😜 I will discuss my struggles with React later on. It's out of scope for this post.

JavaScript and I have a love hate relationship, while I hate it most days usually when my application won't render. Other days I love it and i'm completely amazed by what it can do. When js does what you want it to do you, weather it's rendering "Hello World" on the screen or an api call to nasa getting the picture of the day, It is an awesome feeling. Then you have days where, if you're like me you want to throw your computer out the window, your code won't work. Your console is full of errors. JavaScript is basically calling you an idiot and telling you what you are doing wrong but you still don't get it, still can't figure it out. Don't worry that is programing even your most seasoned programmers get those days, or so i've been told. Don't give up, keep pushing, if your learning in a school ask more ?'s, if the people you're asking ?'s to don't have answers ask someone above them. Start your own study group with other students who are struggling to. Being part of a community is the biggest part of learning to program, because there are others out there who are struggling, who have struggled, or who just know it all, that are very willing to help. It took me about two months to figure that out, even though it was told to me on the 1st day of school.😉 If you took the time to read this whole post, again thank you.

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