Top 5 Residential Proxy Providers 2020

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Residential proxies or residential IPs are considered to be more anonymous due to the fact that they have direct association with an ISP thus making them less likely to be detected by websites. So these proxy servers are preferred if you need higher anonymity than data-centre proxies could provide. Either you are creating various Instagram accounts, managing a business or gathering information, residential proxies is the way to go.

I have dived into the world of residential IP proxy providers in order to find the best services out there for everyone. Here is my list of top-notch providers for 2020:


Oxylabs right now is one of the biggest suppliers of residential proxies, having more than 70M+ IP addresses all around the world. You can also conveniently filter everything by country, city or ASN, which allows you to get the best suited proxies for your project. By a “Proxy Market Research 2020”, Oxylabs comes in first place for best proxies for SEO, best proxies for data scraping and best proxies for data aggregation.
Additionally, why Oxylabs is my #1 right now, is the self service option they added to their residential proxies section, which makes them easily accessible. Wanted to try out Oxylabs for a while, but the idea of contacting sales team was putting you off? No more of that. You can now buy their residential proxies instantly, using various payment methods. This fast checkout self-service was added last week, and so far seems like the best update they could to to their webpage. 


Smartproxy focuses mainly on small & medium businesses, though Smartproxy has enough features and location coverage to draw larger customers. They have 40M+ residential IPs, and proxies in over 195 countries. By a “Proxy Market Research 2020”, Smartproxy came first in best proxies for Application Development and Localization, Best Proxies for Ad Verification and Best Proxies for Market Research. You can see that the company is growing fast, and their reviews online are describing them as one of the best services for their price range. 
Also, compared to other providers, Smartproxy has released Chrome Proxy Extension, that is really easy to use and allows you to access residential proxies.
Edit: I posted this article on Medium, and person in comments suggested to use code 'SMARTPRO' for 20% discount


Geosurf is one of the oldest proxy providers that there is on the market, and they still keep their quality high. In 2020 Proxyway service awards they won as the Most Efficient Provider. This provider seems to target both enterprise customers with marketing use cases as well as smaller businesses, most notably sneaker resellers. This is why they have a huge selection of city locations available - you can choose from around 1,700+ cities. Even though their proxy pool is smaller, compared to other companies, they still have more than 2.5M residential IPs.


Netnut is a really special case in this list. It differentiates itself with ISP-issued residential proxies and an in-house infrastructure, which allows to combine speed and stability of data center proxies with the anonymity of residential IPs. On the other hand, it means fewer locations. So you can expect around 50 location and around 0.5M residential IPs.


Stormproxies is the most affordable services in this list. At the moment, they have proxies mostly in Europe and US, so if these are your targeted locations, you are lucky, that being said, the provider seems to have the most presence in the US. Right now, they offer around 40000 residential IPs. However, limited location coverage and a small proxy network makes Stormproxies less suitable for demanding or location-sensitive projects.

While the data gathering is still being done with data-center IP proxies, there is no better time than stepping out of the tunnel vision and investing into a more successful proxy type — Residential IP.

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Nice share! I would think Luminati and proxybot are also worth to list as the top also, and you can read the in-depth guide here,


Has anyone tested fusionproxy.com? It looks quite attractive