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Mike Jackowski
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Shocking Way Agile Web Development Process Will Make You Better in Bed

Many factors make sex so much better. The tidiness of the surrounding space, the atmosphere built from music, long conversations, or a foreplay game with long caresses is something that elevates sex to a higher level.

But if you move on to the technical aspects, there is one aspect that makes lovers feel amazing, it makes sex great, and gives the desired excitement. If lovers take care of it, you don't have to ask "did you like it?" after all. It is clear to both of them that they liked it, no questions asked.

This secret technique is... RHYTHM. Let me tell you today why it has a lot to do with agile web development.

I have the impression that despite the incredible popularity of the agile web development process, a large part of the Web World so Wide is lost somewhere between Waterfall and Agile.

Cascading/Waterfall approach is criticized by everyone who praises the benefits of the Agile web development process - so literally by everyone in the software development world. However, many do not know how to work in Agile, even though they say they do. Same as with young lovers!

Someone told them: work in Scrum, beware of Waterfall! So they have been watching courses, reading the Scrum Guide, and they're rightly trying to convince (or sometimes force) everybody to daily meetings thinking that it's all about them. Well, yes and no.

The issue is that nobody told them what the purpose behind these recurring meetings and practices are.

Everything boils down to the RHYTHM that the whole team set up and follow, and Agile events just facilitate it.
So you can be flexible with it, just like during bedtime! As long as the team has a rhythm, you can adjust each piece of your agile web development process.

You don't have to force having meetings just because Scrum Guide told you to have daily standups when there's no rational reason to have them so often.

As a result, everyone is stuck in the middle of nowhere, having unrhythmic work and an undetermined web development workflow.

It's a bit like with lovers who know what to do, but how - it's a mysterious art. It is only the possession of knowledge about RHYTHM that determines success and satisfaction.

If you look at it that way, you'll find it easier to understand and implement Agile, convince others to its ceremonies, and achieve success with your project.

Just like in sex, the rhythmic work will lead your sprints to full success!

What can you do in practice? Repeat to your development teams every day that the Agile development process is about rhythm. Let that word be like a mantra. You can set up a Google Calendar with recurring events that set that rhythm for everyone. And last but not least, be flexible with it - as it is the team that constitutes the rhythm, not a Scrum book you've been reading, or the recurring meetings schedule you agreed to host two months ago.

Maybe you didn't know that sex is all about rhythm? If not, this article will help you in two important areas of private and professional life! ;

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