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Welcome to RepoDb.NET

Welcome to RepoDb.NET. This is the official site of RepoDb library. The intention of this site is to provide and guide you as a developer with all the information needed when using the RepoDb library.

RepoDb is an open-source .NET ORM that bridge the gaps between micro-ORMs and full-ORMs. It helps the developer to simplify the switch-over of when to use the BASIC and ADVANCE operations during the development.

You can use the library to work with SQL Server, SQLite, MySQL and PostgreSQL Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS).

It is here to improve the things and experiences when working with the Data Access Technology in .NET space.

About the Site

This site is powered by Jekyll and is hosted as Github Pages. The design utilizes the Material design of Google (and also the icons).

Site Map

This site has different pages that describe the organization of the contents.

  • Home - informative front page about the purpose of this library.
  • Docs - where all the links were consolidated to simplify your navigation within the site.
  • References - our recommended way of implementing the things.
  • Releases - for us to showcase the changes and improvements in all packages.
  • Blogs - where all the activites and news are placed.
  • About - for you to know more about us.

Get-Started Pages

Each supported RDBMS data providers has its own get-started page.

Site Contents

Various pages were provided and has been grouped on its purpose.

  • Features - it contains the capabilities of the library that you might be interested.
  • Operations - it contains the methods that you can use.
  • Classses - it contains the publicly exposed classes.
  • Attributes - it contains about the necessary attributes exposed by the library.
  • Enumerations - it contains the pages about the enumerations exposed by the library.
  • Interfaces - it contains the pages about the interfaces exposed by the library.
  • Cachers - it contains the pages about the cachers of the library.
  • Mappers - it contains the pages that describe all mapper classes of the library.
  • Extensibilities - it contains the pages that describe the extensibilities of the library.


This site is open for contribution from the community. If you have something would like to place on this site, please do a PR on our repository.

Official Channels

The original post can be found here. You can directly send an email at my personal email address by clicking here.

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