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The ultimate "Glitch free JS" library has lost weight!

For the last year js-coroutines has been enabling me and others to split up glitchy long-running processes over multiple frames to keep our sites and apps running silky smooth and also powering some nice animations and ways of controlling effects and games. With this library, you can filter/sort or run your own complicated calculations on huge volumes of data without breaking the animations or scrolling of your site. You do this without Worker threads because passing data to and from them also can cause glitches.

I thought it was time to put the library on a diet and have managed to shrink it by around 30%. The library is super easy to use with full API documentation and has both imperative and functional programming models supported (including the addition of compose in the latest release).

For an example of what you can do with js-coroutines check out the demos below:

Smooth animation with heavy weight processing

A cool little game

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Great thank you very much