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30 Day Challenge: Finish Line

30 Days ago, I started my 30 Day Challenge: Write one Post per Day.

I wrote 29 post.
I failed one day.
I went from ~1.000 followers to 2.972. (I only added links to old posts, so no active marketing.)

I want to give a small feedback about my learnings,
I will use the content of my intro post for it.

I want to strengthen my publishing habits

This worked.
I time-blocked one hour to write and I knew every day, that I had to deliver. Next time, I would make a longer list of topics to write about.

I want to tackle my fear of publishing

Most of the time I had thoughts like "Ouh, this is some basic stuff, every one can read about it in the docs, no one will care.".
But it went better than expected.

I want to share my knowledge

Looking at the views and reactions, I can see a clear difference between my series about NodeJS and PostgreSQL.

The more followers I had, the more views and reactions I got.
But this was only true in a series.
So I think, that NodeJS is more interesting than PostgreSQL, or my posts weren't that interesting.

1000*x^29=2972 => xβ‰ˆ1.0383

So 1 post got me an increase of 3.8% in followers.

I want to strengthen my writing skills

This was okay. Most of the time half of the blocked time went into reading about the proper english translation. My english writing skills aren't that good, my german one's are really good, so I got stressed all the time, because my english reads like 5th grade english.

I want to benefit from social accountability

The thougth that someone is waiting for my post definitely helped me.


This was a great experience and I am really happy & proud.
I will start working at a new software project, afterwards I will start a new writing challenge.

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httpspauline profile image

This is amazing, well done! I am looking into writing and publishing more articles too and can totally relate to the 'fear of publishing, everybody already knows this' part you mentioned. Sitting down 1 hour a day to just write is something I might have to try -- thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

miku86 profile image

Thanks, @Pauline.

I just saw that you wrote a great article that got a lot of positive feedback. Congrats!

I would like to read more of your content.

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Kat πŸ†πŸΎ • Edited

This is great! You inspired me to start my 30-day writing challenge :)

German is also my native language, and I know how hard and time consuming it can be to write in somewhat professional English!

I do highly recommend Grammarly. I am not affiliated with them, I just love their product. It gives me the confidence that my resume, posts, emails & co are written in decent English :)