30 Day Challenge: Write one Post per Day

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I start my "30 Day Challenge: Write one Post per Day".

My Why:

  • I want to strengthen my publishing habits
  • I want to tackle my fear of publishing
  • I want to share my knowledge
  • I want to strengthen my writing skills
  • I want to benefit from social accountability


  • published between 0.00 - 23.59, UTC +2
  • at least 1.000 characters
  • no copy of an old post


  • What are your experiences with these kind of challenges?
  • What are your tips to improve my challenge?
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The very best of luck - I know that is a bigger task than it sounds on paper.

I tried something similar back in November. Personal experience is that it is a lot of hard work to maintain momentum and creativity. If I have one tip it would be to try to have a stock of several articles on the go so you can write and polish and review with a gap between rather than trying to do one article start to finish each day.

Will look forward to seeing and reading articles. If nothing else you've inspired me to go back and write some more for Dev rather than just lurking and reading.


Hey Mark,

thanks a lot.

Yes, I think after the initial momentum, it will be crucial to fight through the downtimes and lazy days, therefore I've made a note for myself & I will try to build a small (!) stack of articles, thanks for this tip.

I am glad that I could give you inspiration so that you will write more again. I really like your articles about self development & hyperfocus.


Thanks very much @miku86 - I'll see what I can do. I'm enjoying your gentle bite-sized articles on using node as a command-line tool.

So many node scripts do so much it can be hard work to unpick exactly what is going on and it is nice to see it built up the other way round.


At least a 1000 words, that's very impressive! Do you recommend this challenge?


1.000 words would be very impressive,
it's only 1.000 characters.

Yes, I can really recommend it.
Social accountability is a great tool to keep the habit going.


Oops, my bad! I think I'm going to try this too, with the rules you already set out. I'm glad it worked well for you.

Yes, give it a try!

I write about topics I'm currently learning,
because if I want to write about it,
I have to understand the concepts.

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