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🗼 Top Developer Mindset 1

All About 5 Things You Don't Know


Coding and programming are becoming more and more popular as technology advances and computer-based devices become more widespread. With this rise in popularity has come a dramatic increase in the demand for experienced programmers and developers. A lot of people with no computer science background are asking the question

‘What does a web developer do?’, with the aim of learning the necessary skills and becoming a developer. Entry level developer jobs are rather abundant, which makes learning programming in your spare time an attractive prospect, especially if you are looking for a career change.

We will look at how and why you should consider taking up front-end web development, and what skills you need to become a web developer.

1. Web developers - what do they do ? 🤔

Web developers are responsible for everything you see and use on every website you visit. They also handle the way data is stored and develop security features to ensure user safety.

There are three web developer types:

  • Front-end developers are sometimes called client-side developers and are responsible for creating the layout, features and appearance of a site or application. Anything that a user interacts with directly is built by front-end developers.

  • Back-end developers build the systems which allow the designs of front-end developers to operate. If this site was a car, front-end developers would design the seats, the steering wheel and the pedals. Back-end developers would build the engine.

  • Full-stack developers are able to do both. They are equally skilled as back and front-end developers. Full-stack developers are highly-respected (and highly paid!) members of the development community. Having skills in client-side design and back-end operations makes them very popular with employers, as you could probably guess!


Finding the right place to learn is just as important as knowing what skills you need. Let’s check the must have skills you’ll need as you learn how to become a web developer and where you can learn them.

  • HTML and CSS: Hypertext Markup Language and Cascading Style Sheets are the most basic tools you’ll need to design a webpage. They are both markup languages which means they are sets of code that guide the way text is presented on a webpage.

  • JavaScript (JS): JavaScript is a programming language. It guides how a computer, site or app performs specific tasks. JavaScript is one of the most important skills you’ll need when learning how to become a web developer. If coding was a rock band, then JavaScript would be the electric guitar!

  • Content Management: All sites have content. All content needs to be arranged and managed so it can be easily accessed by users. As a front-end developer, being able to use content management systems (CMS) is essential. Nearly two-thirds of the Internet uses WordPress as its CMS. So, if you only learn one CMS, learn WordPress.

  • Testing and Bug Removal: The real work starts when the coding ends! Front-end developers spend a lot of time testing code and searching for bugs. No one will care how beautiful your application is, if it doesn’t work properly!

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