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How to upgrade Github Profile to PRO highlight ABSOLUTELY FREE in 5 minutes 💥💥💥

Hi everyone, It's Tien again, I have been diving for a while because I am too lazy to write. Today I will share with you know to upgrade your Github to PRO highlight but TOTALLY FREE in 5 minutes 💝💝💝

If you have a PRO highlight, you can use some services like GitKraken, Jetbeans v..v totally free. You can see full of free services at this link:

Just listening to FREE is exciting, isn't it? =))

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The result after upgrading to Github PRO will be like this. Rest assured that the steps below will help you upgrade FULLY FREE and extremely easy...Look at the genuine profile:v


1. What is Github PRO?

For a long time, we must have used GitHub by personal email. Many people will not know that Github allows us to pay to use more services and other features.

If you do not upgrade and use the default service when creating a new account. Then we usually use the Github Free package. You can go to Settings -> Billing & plans and look under Current plan. This is our current package.

For example, this is an account that people often use, without paying.


2. What are the benefits of Github Pro?

If people want to use many other services and features of Github, people will have to upgrade. Everyone will see an Upgrade button in the Current plan section like this → Click it


You will find it will cost at least 4$/user/month to upgrade the team plan and 21$/user/month for the enterprise plan. Everyone can see there are many benefits if we use premium packages, right???

Comparison between Free and Paid plans:


⇒ Rest assured that today I will guide everyone to upgrade to the 4$/user/month package FULLY FRE. Just have to say it over and over again:v

3. How can I upgrade to Github Pro for free?

We have 3 ways:

  • The first way is that you have to pay free, of course, but I'm poor =))
  • The second way is to use an educational email with a .edu extension. The way I will guide you in this article... Prestige!!
  • The last one if you do not have a .edu email, you just take a picture of your student card or something similar and it will be approved(A man suggest it to me but I did not try it so you can try it).

=> I will guide everyone in Way 2!!

Services, tools, websites.. support access, use if you are a student: See all here:


4. Steps to upgrade Github PRO

Step 1: Access the Github student link: You will see a form like like this.


Step 2: Complete the form. Steps to complete the form:

  1. Add email at Add an email address button ⇒ After pressing this button, item 2 will be displayed.
  2. In section 2 "Please add..." => Click here I underlined, it will link to Setting Emails in your Github


In this paragraph, you add your edu email and a verify emaill will send through a Github email just entered.

=> After adding edu email and successful authentication, it will look like this.


Step 3: Go back to the form fillng in Github Student just now(Picture step 1), reload the page, you will see that the edu email has been added successfully, it will be displayed like this


Step 4: Complete the "How do you play to use Github" section and press Continue

Step 5: DONE. After completing the form, a successful submission message will be displayed and you need to check your email


=> NOTE: Notifications will take a few days to receive emails but it's optional. After I submitted it, I received it within 5 minutes LOL 😂😂

After only receiving the email, the result is that you have successfully upgraded to the PRO package but TOTALLY FREE 😂😂



5. Summary

One of the many benefits, when your Github account becomes PRO, is being able to use GitKraken GUI tools to view and manipulate Git more easily and many other services..


Everyone can refer to the services and support tools for Students here:

Thank you all for taking the time to read my post. Please like and upvote the article if you find it useful. Don't be afraid to leave a comment so we can interact and learn from each other 💝💝💝

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