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Get help automating your releases

Recently I posted an article about my side project Changie which automates changelog management. Currently, the only project using Changie is itself, which is kinda funny.

Changie is only one piece of release automation that, I think, every project should have. But, if you are new or just a little inexperienced with release processes this can be a little overwhelming. So, I plan on offering some of my spare time to help other projects automate releases, including Changelogs. Ideally of course using Changie, but if your project doesn't fit within Changie's scope then I understand.

Note that the release automation is separate from automated tests, linting, and build checks but those are still very important.

So if you have a project that has the following criteria you can reach me below, on Twitter @miniScruffDev, or as a discussion post on GitHub.

  • Project is open source
  • Project has been updated sort of recently, at least in the last few months
  • You would like to create or automate your changelog
  • You would like to automate your releases
  • The project is written in Go, Python, or Javascript/Typescript ( As I only currently have experience publishing on PyPI/NPM, and Go has no package repository )
  • You of course would need to use Changie

Not sure exactly how well this will go, maybe only a few people may be a lot so will see how it goes. Of course, if you want help but maybe don't fit all the requirements you can still ask.

How exactly I help could range from a simple pull request to private help, or a Zoom call, whatever fits best.

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