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Hackathon guide, tips, tricks, and resources for organisers

I'm really excited to finally 🚢 something big. Before I started working at GitHub, I was running hackathons. Organising them, mentoring at them, judging entries, and even participating.

I became known as the Hackathon Queen and have been involved in over 100 hackathons to date. People are always asking for tips and tricks when organising their hackathons. Organisers are also wanting lists of resources and examples of other people's work.

Instead of saying the same thing to every hackathon organiser, I thought I'd put something together to share with the world. Not only is it here to share with the world, I also created it so everyone can contribute to it.

Hackathon Tips, Tricks, and Resources

I present to you: Hackathon Tips, Tricks, and Resources.

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Tips, Tricks, and Resources for running your hackathon.

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This repository contains Tips, Tricks, and Resources to help you plan, organise, and execute your hackathons. You can use these to help guide you when planning your next hackathon.

There are three main sections to this repository:

🔮 Tips and Tricks

📚 Resources

📣 Discussions

Guidelines are detailed below on how to contribute to each of these documents. If there are other issues you'd like to flag, please open an issue.

Participating in a hackathon

Please note this repository is NOT geared towards participants. This repository contains information useful to hackathon organisers and managers. It does not contain tips/tricks or resources for participating in a hackathon. If you are looking for a hackathon to participate in, you can check out the following sites:

Organisers, the above sites are great…

This is an open source repository containing lots of information for organisers. This is a curated list based on my own experiences in running multiple hackathons. The repo is set up to take contributions from others. It also has Discussions enabled, meaning organisers can come together and discuss issues, ask questions, find more resources, and share their own experiences.

I really wanted this resource to be available to everyone, but also welcoming of other people's feedback, thoughts, advice, and ideas. There are a lot of people out there with lots more experience so please feel free to share it around, make a pull request, or open a Discussion.

This is for the community and I encourage you to join the repo, star it, head into the Discussions, and download the resources for your use. If you have any questions, thoughts, or feedback, drop them below or feel free to open a Discussion!

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Anguram Shanmugam

useful article. Keep going🚀.

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Michelle Mannering

Thanks! The encouragement is amazing too! ❤️

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Joseph Maurer

As someone who has put on a Hackathon before, I wish I would of had this resource back then! I particularly like the pro/con chart of having the event online versus in person. Thanks for sharing 🔥

mishmanners profile image
Michelle Mannering

My pleasure. Thank you so much for the feedback 😄