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Learning how to code?... Check out some of the best sites/resources to help you... FOR FREE!

With so many ways to learn web development in 2020, and with some amazing resources, I LOVE seeing others succeed, So I have compiled a list of some of the best sites I have used that have really helped me learn to code, and the best part is they are FREE!... Who doesn't love free stuff?!

There are some great resources, from visual, coding along & reading, there is something for everyone!

This is my original thread on my Twitter page: you can follow me there @Miss_lorsx


I LOVE this website, with so many certifications and projects to learn and practice this, freecodecamp really helped me learn the basics of programming, and in a way that was really easy to understand - At the end of each section, there are projects for you to complete and add to your portfolio - bonus! - Quincy and the team do an amazing job of helping more people get into tech! Find it Here


Chris Dixon has produced a site dedicated to helping you learn Javascript, HTML & CSS all rolled into one, by creating 5 amazing projects, you can again add to your portfolio, to make them your own, you can even change the colours/text/layout if you wish - easy to follow too! check it out Here

Traversy Media Youtube channel

Brad and the team do a fantastic job of helping you get started when learning to code, I am a sucker for handwritten notes and this channel really helped me to carry on doing that, whilst being able to view on the screen what was being taught, what's great is that with these types of tutorials, is that you can rewind them if you need too! Check it out Here

10 JavaScript projects in 10 hours

A great way to practice what you have learnt so far, Florin does an amazing job in this video, I have just started this & so far it is proving really useful to put my knowledge to action! Check it out Here

The Practical dev aka DEV

This site has provided me with so many blogs and articles, that have helped me grow as a developer, they are very committed to open source, and also adding value to the ecosystem which is just awesome! Check them out Here

The Tech Twitter DEV community

There are so many accounts on Twitter, too many to name in fact, that provide so many different areas of tech, and ultimately content in that particular area. CSS, API's, Python, you name it, you will find accounts based on them!


Programming news to your browser? This is the extension you didn't know you needed until now. The guys behind this extension for Chrome support open-source - Which is amazing, you can even add your most visited sites, for all your go-to coding & resources! Find it Here

w3schools/MDN docs & StackOverflow

Reference and solution sites - Great for understanding fundamentals in depth! check them out here

Coolors provide a range of colours that you can contrast and change to make your sites more accessible to the user, check them out Here


Up and coming tech community site, where developers help developers. edit and post blogs in specific areas to help others on their journey! Check it out Here

VS code editor

Write your own code, and push to Github, perfect for creating your own projects, and then storing them. Add extensions to make your coding journey easier! Find it Here

Reading Books

Check out my article on using books as an additional learning resource Here for some great recommendations

Please feel free to add your own resources to this thread and help others in the DEV community succeed on their learning journey! Thank you!

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