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One stop to all Git repository

What is Thermal?

Thermal is open-source desktop application allows you to manage all Git repository at one place by providing you a simple to use graphic user interface with built-in features commits, history, repository settings and more.

You can also watch a quick demo video.

Thermal app screenshots


  • Commit changes
  • Commit history
  • Commit details
  • File diff
  • Repository settings
  • Push to a remote repository
  • Create new repository
  • and a lot more...

Try now for free, by downloading the thermal application.


The source code the applications is available on GitHub and welcome you to contribute to the project.

We are just getting started with this application and there are lot more planned features to build, join our discord server for your questions regarding the application and to stay up to date with the development.

We're working on creating a landing page for Thermal application.

New thermal website landing page design preview

Even our roadmap and detail about each feature is publicity available on Notion.

We would love to hear from you, leave a comment below or chat with me in Thermal discord server.

Originally published at CodeCarrot Blogs.

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