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What social engagement this weekend are you planning to disappoint?



Probably a part of me deep down wants to be left alone this weekend...


I have given a talk “Fearless Deploys on Friday Evening. Wait; What?!” a few times ;)

Here is the essence:

  • Damn good test suite (close to 100% coverage, covering important things over unimportant),
  • Near-100% pairing with rolling rotation,
  • Real CI/CD, live on master with no branches, and no PR (thanks for instant code review via pairing),
  • Good monitoring setup,
  • .. and more ..

Covering important things over unimportant is the key, unlike 100% coverage badges and so on.


I just enjoy living on the edge.

Jokes aside :D by pairing do you mean pair coding?


Yes, full pair-programming, and done correctly, where two developers (or sometimes more) are fully engaged together in problem-solving and bounce ideas from each other, and the code happens as a side effect of such productive conversation.


I always deploy on Friday, no one is around to complain about something not working and gives me the weekend to straighten things out if necessary.


but client get more times to testing that all, and that all comes on Monday with much pressure.. If anything doesn't in two day and client contact you but that time you will be not available. and that makes your reputation in awful situation. that everything depends on which type of project you working on and all.


Where do you think your life began to go wrong?


That time I thought buying a book called "Php 4" was a good idea...


Do you deploy solo? Or are other people also running with scissors by deploying on a Friday with you?



I’m a quasi-solo developer for this specific app, so yeah, I’m deploying solo. Generally speaking in the world, I’m sure I’m not the only one. If your are out there and enjoy the occasional Friday night chill as well reach out and let’s found a meetup or something!


What do your deployments look like (apps, tools, process, etc)?


It’s a monorepo Laravel/React app, hosted on ploi.io.

Here is my process, but important disclaimer: it’s far from optimised and it works only because I’m the only developer and the app is fairly straightforward. Don’t do this at home:

  1. I yarn build the React app, and commit the build files to the repo
  2. Merge the feature branch I’d been working on into master, manually deploy to a staging server for one final manual round of tests
  3. Push the master branch to GitLab
  4. From the ploi.io control panel hit the “Deploy Now” button, which runs a script that pulls from GitLab, copies files to the server root and runs a few Laravel scripts to purge the cache etc.

90% of this could (and maybe should) be automated and CI’d, but I deploy maybe once a month so I haven’t bothered yet. It’s manual but it still takes like 3 minutes total.

In this particular case I deployed a feature that simply reads and displays data, so I wasn’t risking catastrophical effects.

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